Autumn Sponge


Posted 3 October 2018 by The Saucy Fish Co.

Autumn is often a blue time for many people. As the warm rays of summer slowly fade we’re facing up to months of cold weather and a long hike to the next holiday.

Cheer up you Saucy lot, here’s a few reasons why Autumn is actually better than summer.

1. It smells nicer: bonfires rather than bins that have been left out in the heat.

2. There are more interesting things to do such as Halloween and fireworks.

3. No more need to mow the lawn. Who enjoys mowing the lawn?

4. Crisp mornings that wake you up rather than make you wish you were sunbathing on the beach.

5. No weather bores talking about what a great/terrible summer it is (delete as appropriate).

6. Kicking leaves in the park. Pure childish pleasure.

7. Going to bed before 9 o’clock is more acceptable for adults.

8. Everybody looks better in their Autumn wardrobe.

To cheer you up further, how about a nice Autumn pudding to follow your Saucy main course?

Autumn pudding: Serves 6

○ 150g golden caster sugar
○ 225g blackberries
○ 1 large pear, peeled, cored and diced
○ 250g plums, stoned and diced
○ Grated zest of ½ an orange
○ 15 thin slices of stale white or wholemeal bread, crusts removed

Put the sugar all the fruit and orange zest into a large pan with 150ml of water. Simmer gently until soft.

Line a large pudding basin with clingfilm. Cut the bread into circles, dip briefly into juice and line the basin.

Put the fruit mix in the bowl and top with bread. Cover with clingfilm and put it in the fridge overnight, preferably with a weighted plate in top.

Go to bed, wake up and then serve next day.