Posted 7 June 2018 by The Saucy Fish Co.

Samphire is a crisp, fresh and slightly salty vegetable that has seen a huge rise in popularity in the past few years.

As a sea vegetable (our favourite kind of veggie, obvs), growing abundantly on sea shores, it’s naturally the perfect accompaniment for fish dishes – complimenting soft, flaky fish with texture and bite.

Packed with essential minerals, including magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium, as well as vitamin A and dietary fibre, samphire can help in aiding digestion and help to boost your immune system.

While it can be eaten raw, steaming or boiling and blanching can be a great way to help reduce its salty taste profile.

Summer is the perfect season for samphire, you’ll find it in supermarkets between May and August… so quick, add it to the shopping list.

Warm samphire and potato herb salad.

You will need:

○ 500g baby new potatoes, scrubbed, skins left on
○ 60g samphire
○ 1 garlic clove
○ 2tbps olive oil
○ 20g flat leaf parsley
○ Juice of lemon
○ Salt & pepper

1. Scrub the potatoes, chop in half and boil in a large saucepan for around 8-10 minutes depending in size, until tender.

2. While the potatoes are boiling, wash the samphire to remove any dirt, sand, and tough stems. Bring a pot of water to the boil and cook for 30 seconds, then drain and refresh under ice cold water.

3. Crush and chop the garlic and roughly chop the fresh parsley. In a pan, sauté the garlic clove with the olive oil, adding a dash of salt and pepper. Add the new potatoes and cook over a high heat for a further 5 minutes until the potatoes crisp, before stirring through the blanched samphire. Cook for a further 30 seconds

4. Take the dish off the heat. Stir through the fresh parsley and the squeeze the juice from a fresh lemon.

5. Serve immediately as a side dish for your fish main dish, as The Saucy Fish Co.’s Herb Crusted Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce.