Posted 3 October 2018 by The Saucy Fish Co.

If you’re a fan of fresh fruit and veg then you probably have a big red circle drawn around October on your calendar. Some of our favourite foods are hitting their peak this month and it’s a great time to try out new recipes.

Apples are at their crispest having finally fallen from the trees after a long hot summer. As well as keeping the doctor away, apples give you protection against nasties such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.

Brussel sprouts also come into their own in October. These little beauties are something you should be eating all year round rather than with your Christmas roast. Low in calories but high in fibre, vitamins and minerals, they should be on your shopping list.

The leek winter harvest has also just begun, and you can grab some big ones that are packed with flavour. Leeks contain minerals needed by the nervous system which means they help your brain function at its maximum level.

There’s an old saying that ‘Fine words butter no parsnips’. However, even without butter these seasonal vegetables go great with lots of dishes, provide many health benefits and were even used in the past as an aphrodisiac! Here’s a recipe to get you in the mood for them.

Parsnip Rosti with Salmon: Serves 4

○ 4 x The Saucy Fish Co. Salmon with Chilli, Lime and Ginger Dressing
○ 400g of peeled and shredded parsnip
○ 300g peeled and shredded potatoes
○ Small diced onion
○ 1 egg

Put the salmon in the oven and cook according to instructions on pack. Mix up the parsnips and potatoes, squeeze out any liquid then add onion, lightly beaten egg and season.

Fry small handfuls of your mix in a frying pan, cover for 60 seconds then cook until golden on both sides. Take cups of the mixture and place in piles in the frying pan. Cover for 1 minute. Remove the cover and cook until golden on both sides. Get the fish out of the oven then serve, with the Chilli, Lime and Ginger dressing drizzled on top.