Posted 6 Oct 2019 by The Saucy Fish Co.

October is here and any hope of a late summer is now gone. We need to accept the fact that it’s Autumn which means dark mornings, dark evenings, the wind blowing leaves in our face and regular grabs for the central heating controls.

It’s time for a new mindset.

First of all let’s be positive. Autumn is a lovely season full of beautiful colours and crisp, invigorating days. There’s no need to squeeze into summer clothes that really don’t suit us. We’ve got Halloween and Bonfire Night. The clocks go back which means an extra hour in bed.

It also means more cosy nights in, catching up on box sets and not having to stay up too late because the light’s still streaming through our curtains.

Food for thought

It’s important to stay active in Autumn even though we’re more inclined to hit the settee ASAP in the evening. Dig out the old exercise equipment in your loft and stay active indoors. Go for a long walk and kick those leaves around when the weather’s feeling kind.

Get yourself a good cardigan or something woolly which means you’re not spending your entire budget on energy bills. Autumn days can still be surprisingly warm so don’t go full-on winter mode just yet. And dress bright – cheer yourself up with colour.

Above all Autumn requires a slightly different diet. Light salads still have their place but after a long day we could all do with something slightly more hearty and warming. It’s a great time to experiment with soups and casseroles. And there are some brilliant vegetables in season that can be used to create memorable meals.

Fish is particularly recommended for an evening Autumn’s meal. In this case we’ve rustled up a fish stew that will take the edge off any dark day and fill you full of the energy needed for the season ahead.

Simple fish stew

Serves 4

○ 2 x sea bass fillets

○ 90g peeled, raw prawns

○ 1 tsp fennel seeds

○ 2 diced carrots

○ 2 diced celery

○ 2 chopped garlic cloves

○ 2 sliced leeks

○ 400g chopped tomatoes

○ 500ml fish stock

Heat up a pan with some olive oil and add the fennel, carrots, celery and garlic and cook them until soft. Next come the leeks, tomatoes and fish stock. Add salt and pepper then cook for around 20 minutes. Next add the fish and prawns. You only need to cook them for a few minutes then you’re ready to serve big portions into everyone’s bowls. A good hunk of bread will help soak up the juices.