September's seasonal veggie: carrots


Posted 6 September 2019 by The Saucy Fish Co.

We all know that carrots are good for your eyesight. That’s why you never see a rabbit wearing glasses. But these root vegetables are too often taken for granted despite their versatility, lovely sweet flavour and the fact kids seem to like them more than other vegetables.

As September is carrot season it’s worth taking a fresh look at these orange wunderkids and incorporating them into our regular meals.

The good bits

The first thing to note is that carrots are packed with Vitamin A which is good for eye health. In fact, one carrot can provide twice as much of the vitamin than you need every day.

They’re a low in calories which mean you can eat a few, feel full and not get fat. There’s also potassium in there which means carrots are vegetables that can help to lower your blood pressure.

A final word of warning. Carrots are great for your skin but eating too many of them can literally turn you orange. Unless you’re auditioning for The Only Way Is Essex, it’s not a good look.

Let’s cook

Grated, boiled, steamed or just eaten raw: carrots are brilliant when it comes to food. Dip them in hummus or put them in a salad and you just can’t go wrong. However, at Saucy you might have noticed that we like fish a lot. So here’s a recipe that combines this month’s seasonal veg with an ocean-based favourite.

Caribbean carrot salad and sea bass

Serves two

○ Two Saucy Sea Bass

○ Juice and zest of an orange

○ 2cm grated ginger

○ 1 tsp soft brown sugar

○ 1 tbsp olive oil

○ 175g shredded carrots

○ 12.5g chopped coriander

○ 25g salad leaves

Put the orange zest, juice, ginger and sugar in a small pan and simmer for two minutes. Next, whisk in the oil. Put the carrots in bowl and stir through your mixture then leave to cool. Then add coriander and salad leaves. Cook sea bass for 20 minutes and serve with salad.