Seasonal food to enjoy in November


Posted 8 Nov 2019 by The Saucy Fish Co.

November might be a fairly gloomy month but it can be easily cheered up with some good, fresh food. Despite the cold, there are some great fruit and veg that come into their own at this time of year, and should be at the top of your shopping list when deciding what to cook. Here’s five of our favourites that will take your mind off that cold November rain.


Forget memories of school when the smell of cooking cauliflower reminded you of used gym socks. Prepared properly, cauliflower can be a real treat. Of course, serving it with a cheese sauce is essentially British but more and more people are using it as a rice substitute. Give it a good grate and create dishes that are healthy but filling. You can even slice it and roast it as a substitute for steak.


As autumn recedes we can still take advantage of apples that are at their rosiest and ripest. Many of the best brands fall from the trees in the UK including Cox, Red Pippin and Empire. Golden delicious are also... delicious at this time of year. Stew them, put them in a crumble or simply tuck one into your lunchbox for a healthy snack and a much needed burst of vitamin C.

Brussel sprouts

Bring a little bit of Christmas to every November day with the tasty, healthy and high fibre Brussel sprout. You don’t need to serve them with turkey but can add them to many meals in order to get your daily dose of greens. In our opinion they taste much better roasted rather than boiled. In fact, add a little bacon or ham and you could have an amazing tray full of flavour that could serve as a side dish or entire meal by itself.


Take a walk through most parks and you’ll see these little beauties lying in abundance on the floor. They lower cholesterol and are good for the brain, so give them a go.You don’t need to roast them on an open fire but should boil them first then remove the shell and outer skin. Then the world’s your oyster and you can add them to sauces, run them through pasta dishes or even create your own delicious puddings. Chestnut ice cream is a wonder to behold.


The Welsh are right, leeks are wonderful vegetables. Low in calories but big in taste they provide you with lots of useful nutrients. You can simply pan fry them in butter for a side dish that goes with anything savoury and they go great in hotpots and stews as well. One of our favourite things to do is slice them and then place on top of a shepherd’s pie together with a liberal sprinkling of Cheddar cheese. Welcome to the best crusty topping you will ever taste.