Gin Martini


Posted 3 October 2018 by The Saucy Fish Co.

You have to respect the brave people who catch our fish. Whilst there are lots of lovely, friendly fish out there, the sea can be a scary place full of things that want to turn us into their next meal. As we near Halloween here’s a few fishy horrors that provide chills with their gills:

The great white shark

We’ve all seen Jaws. Great Whites can grow over 14 feet and they like the occasional morsel of human flesh. Apparently, you can deter a shark attack by hitting it on the nose, but beware, you only get one chance.

The deadly puffer fish

This expensive delicacy can also kill you if it’s not prepared properly by master chefs. Deadlier than cyanide, the poison from the puffer fish has killed over 23 people in in Japan since 2000. Avoid if it’s on sale at your local chippy.

Box jelly fish

These lovely looking creatures are actually the most venomous things in the sea killing over 100 humans a year. If you stand on one, then find a hospital quickly.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that cows cause more human deaths than any sea creatures. However, to calm us all down during the spooky season here’s the recipe for a gin martini: a drink that pairs perfectly with Saucy’s delicious - frozen Sea Bass with Salsa Verde.

Gin Martini: Serves 1

○ 60ml Gin
○ 20ml Dry Vermouth
○ Zest of Lemon

Pour your spirits into a cocktail shaker with ice. Give it a good stir (as Mr Bond says, don’t shake) then place into chilled Martini glass. Zest the lemon peel and place in drink. Sit back and think of nice things.