Salmon spinach pasta


Posted 14 June 2019 by The Saucy Fish Co.

Salmon pasta. It’s one of these meals that works all year round but is particularly good for summer. It sounds simple. Salmon and Pasta, what can go wrong? And it is simple. But then again so is tying your shoes and people still trip over their laces.

We thought we’d provide you with a definitive guide to what we think goes into a great salmon pasta. And we’re Saucy so you can trust us on this one.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Everything in moderation’ and essentially this is what the Flexitarian Diet is all about. If you’re a meat eater you can still enjoy your steak and sausages, but maybe for just one day a week. In fact, lean meat such as chicken and turkey are particularly recommended.

The pasta

Okay, make your own if you want and you’re good at it. Otherwise there’s nothing wrong with boiling a pack from your supermarket. We’d recommend whole-wheat. It’s healthier and we like the nutty taste. But the choice is yours. Just don't over-boil it or you’ll have a soggy dish.

Here’s our favourite bit:

1. Cut two salmon fillets into chunks.

2. Peas. Use Frozen, all the top chefs do and they’re as good as garden fresh.

3. Chop up a shallot. It’s got a slightly more refined taste than onion and we want this to be special.

4. Put the shallot in a pan with a melted knob of butter and cook until softened.

5. Next add everything else plus crème fraiche and water. Roughly three parts crème fraiche to water. If you’re using two salmon then about 150 g of crème fraiche should do it.

6. Now cook for up to four minutes until the salmon is done.

7. Add some spinach and maybe some chopped chives.

8. Drain your pasta and add it to the sauce with a little bit of the water. Then toss the lot together so everything gets coated properly. You’re now ready to serve.