How to cook salmon and eggs


Posted 8 Nov 2019 by The Saucy Fish Co.

Cornflakes are okay. Porridge can be a bit dull, and full English can leave you feeling uncomfortably full.

Do you know what we love for breakfast? Salmon and eggs, that’s what. They’re quite simply made for each other. It offers just the right balance of luxury and convenience. Great taste without the high calorie count. And there are several ways of doing it which means you should never get bored.

Okay, let’s say you know how to cook the salmon (instructions are on the side of our packaging) or you can simply buy some smoked salmon that’s ready to go. The secret is in the eggs.

How to cook scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are easy but only if you do them right.

○ First of all put two eggs in a bowl, add about six tablespoons of creamy milk plus a pinch of salt.

○ Whisk lightly. Only lightly as you’re not making a meringue.

○ Put a knob of butter in a small pan and let it melt.

○ Add your eggs and milk then leave for around 30 seconds.

○ Now take a wooden spoon and fold the egg over from the bottom of the pan.

○ Keep doing this until the eggs are thick but still runny.

○ Remove from heat and let the eggs sit for a minute so they keep cooking.

○ Now serve with your salmon.

How to cook poached eggs

For some people, poached eggs are a mystery wrapped up in a riddle. But if you want clean, white eggs with a delicious runny yolk inside then here’s what to do:

○ First of all use fresh eggs.

○ Boil about four inches of water in a medium size pan.

○ Turn down the heat and allow water to bubble gently.

○ Add a little bit of salt and vinegar.

○ Crack your egg carefully onto a saucer then slide gently into the water

○ Let it cook for around 3 minutes without stirring.

○ Remove with a slotted spoon.

There are lots of tips around for cooking poached eggs but why bother when it can be this simple?

Now, let’s have breakfast.