Posted 4 January 2019 by The Saucy Fish Co.

We all like to get moving again come January, to make up for all those (delicious) December sins. But when you’re feeling like a pig in a blanket, what are the easy ways to get your pulse racing one more?

Pick up a yoga mat: This is an easy one and an important one for the mind and body. 20 minutes of yoga a day can help to increase your flexibility, reduce stress levels, enable you to sleep better and improve your all-round fitness and mindfulness. PLUS, with thousands of tutorials on YouTube, you can get your yogi on in the lounge before bed.

Rowing: Surprised this is on the list? Don’t be, because rowing just happens to be one of the most efficient exercises ever. With each stroke, 85% of your body’s muscles are used – it’s not just the legs like most people think. You can go high intensity, without putting any impact on your joints too. Hop on!

Workout Apps: There’re heaps of apps to choose from now – you just have to find one that’s right for you. Nike’s app is great; with training plans and individual workouts for when you want to work up a sweat. Whether you choose an app that trains you at home, or something you take with you to the gym – they’re great for providing new ideas and giving you a motivation boost.

Walk to work: The mornings are starting to get lighter, so why not pop on the trainers and get your power walk on. Walking is a great form of exercise as it’s not too hard on the joints. It also means we get to stretch our legs before a day in the office. Obviously, walking isn’t always feasible, but opting for the stairs whenever you can is also a simple way to burn a few extra calories.