Shrimp Buzara


Posted 26 January 2018 by The Saucy Fish Co.

Close your eyes and picture the scene. Waves lapping at the shore. The reassuring rub of warm sand between your toes.

A plate of freshly grilled exotic fish on the makeshift table in front of you, with a lemon ready to be squeezed… Oh there’s nothing like tucking into some new, exciting flavours while you’re on your jollies. In fact – it’s a great way to choose your next destination! So here’s some travel inspo. We’ve rounded up a few lipsmacking dishes from around the globe that are seriously worth the air fare...

Poke (Hawaii, USA): Freshly caught raw fish (often tuna) is cut into cubes and combined with a mix of soy sauce, sesame oil, sea salt, chilli, onions and limu seaweed. The subtle marinade gives the fish an insanely rich texture, and is perfect with a mouthful of delicate rice.

Aguachido (Mexico): Fresh seafood is big in Mexico, and since it’s so delish – the recipes are equally simple. This dish is just an easy peasy shrimp marinated in lemon juice with clam broth and fresh vegetables. Imagine living by Caribbean sea and recreating this one at home...

Nghêu Hấp Xả (Vietnam): This is similar to our European mussels. Succulent baby clams are cooked in a pot with lemongrass, and dipped in sweet chilli sauce. But will there be bread for dipping?

Bacalao Pil Pil (Spain): A Basque delicacy, this timeless tapa is made of salted cod fried in olive oil and is perfect with a chilled glass of wine or beer on a sweltering summer’s day. It’s given it’s name by the sound that the fish skin makes when it pops in the hot oil!

Skampi Na Buzara (Croatia): For a hearty take on seafood, head to the Dalmatian coast. This shrimp is simmered in a brandy, wine and tomato marinade – with a big punch of garlic. Best check the expiry date on your passport – this could be your tastiest summer ever...